Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tragedy Brings Unity

Sharing my thoughts...

After Hurricane Harvey had already hit Houston and Irma was already out there brewing up with the then possibility of hitting us on the east coast, I was riding home one night after working thinking of all the devestation in Texas. Last year at this time I was getting back from a trip to the flooded area of Denham Springs area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I saw what the aftermath post storm was about firsthand. It wasn't a hurricane that hit the area. Simply lots of rain. It's indescribable the feeling you have seeing everyone's lifetime on the sidewalk for trash pick up.

Our newsfeed and timelines have been flooded with videos, photos, and stories of people coming together and helping their neighbors out in their times of crisis. Risking their own lives to save the life of someone they have never met before and may never see again. They aren't getting paid for their time to help another person. They aren't doing it for the glory or the praise. They are doing everything they do to help in any way they are needed. People leaving the safety and security of their own homes, leaving their own families behind, to go do whatever is needed for them to do to lift the burdens of strangers.

Also in the news lately, we have seen a lot of division among our country. A lot of fighting. A lot of discord.

As a forty something year old woman, it breaks my heart to see so much negative happenings going on in America. My thoughts went back to the day America put all of its differences aside and we became a nation who pulled together to help others on that tragic day of September 11th. The news proved then we could come together as a UNITED States to help our fellow Americans not based on any circumstances.

I can take you back to the exact location on Highway 441 where I looked up at God and simply said "Why is it taking another tragedy that rocked our nation like September 11th did to bring us back to being a United States of America again?" Why does it take a tragedy of this magnitude to make us put down our differences and reach out our hands to help our fellow neighbor?

And no, I am not saying God did this for this purpose. I'm not bringing religion or politics into this as a debate. It's just sad it takes an event of this caliber for us to put our differences aside. To be there to help our fellow man!

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